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March 2022 - A Spring In Our Step

We don’t care if Punxsutawney Phil said there would be six more weeks of winter - spring is on its way, and we can’t help but reflect on this season of rebirth and renewal. Recently coming together and launching Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh has helped us to expand our reach, strengthen our connections in the community and deepen our commitment to the direct primary care model.

Thank you for choosing us to support you and your families. We are grateful for continued opportunities to provide outstanding individual care to all of our members, along with community-focused solutions to our collective healthcare needs. 

Exciting Updates from Our Doctors

  • Dr. Natalie Gentile continues to lead the Pittsburgh chapter of Walk with a Doc. In January, the Walk with a Doc team came to Pittsburgh to film a workout with Walk Productions, and Dr. G. had a blast! Here’s the 2-mile workout(opens in a new tab) for you to enjoy at home and get moving. Plus, stay tuned for the return of Walk with a Doc in Highland Park on March 25. 
  • Dr. G. is leading through Plant-Based Pittsburgh(opens in a new tab) the city’s only active chapter of the Complete Health Improvement Program. The first cohort will begin in March, but there will be more ways to get involved later this year.
  • Dr. Kirsten Lin and Dr. G. have been meeting with small businesses to discuss direct primary care as a healthcare benefit for employees. Small business owners want to attract great employees who are there for the long haul. It’s important to prioritize their health and wellness, and many are realizing now that direct primary care through Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh is a great option. Learn more about direct primary care healthcare for employers at

The Latest on COVID-19

While COVID-19 case numbers in the region continue to decline, it’s still important to be vigilant about ways to keep yourself and your family safe. Scientists and medical professionals are now monitoring a “stealth” Omicron subvariant(opens in a new tab) that’s gaining traction in some parts of the world. (Learn more about it here(opens in a new tab).)

Remember: Your doctor is always a resource for you for COVID-19 questions and concerns. You also can reference the COVID-19 Resource page on the website for information on testing, vaccines, and treatment options.

Blueberry Pharmacy and DCPP in the News

  • At DCPP, we all know how revolutionary and impactful the work that Blueberry Pharmacy does. Its low-cost medications without the need for insurance have helped so many of us around here. It looks like others are starting to follow in its footsteps. Earlier this year, Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban made headlines for launching his own directly competing, cost-plus online pharmacy – after someone on his team sought advice from Blueberry Pharmacy. Dr. Kyle McCormick, who owns Blueberry Pharmacy, weighed in on Medium(opens in a new tab) how imitation isn’t always the sincerest form of flattery, despite what Oscar Wilde said. WESA also recently highlighted Blueberry Pharmacy’s model on its show(opens in a new tab)The Confluence.
  • Pittsburgh Business Times shared with its readers what makes direct primary care different from traditional “big box” medicine in a feature(opens in a new tab) about Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh and its vision for making healthcare more personalized and accessible for patients. 
  • KDKA-TV featured Dr. G. as a medical expert in its recent coverage of the Omicron “stealth” variant. Visit in a new tab) to watch. 

Recipe of the Month

Looking for a new way to top salads, sandwiches and stir frys? Try Dr. G.’s easy recipe for baked tofu.

  1. Cut super-firm tofu into 1-inch cubes
  2. Toss in olive oil, soy sauce and cornstarch
  3. Arrange cubes on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes
  4. Add to the foods of your choice, and enjoy!

DCPP Patient Spotlight: Meet Caitlin Walker

Caitlin Walker is a trained health coach and massage therapist who helps her clients improve their wellness and reach their health goals. As a health coach, she offers two programs: one that’s longer and more intensive than the other. In both programs, though, Caitlin works with clients to identify where they want to make changes and build a plan that holds them accountable.

As a massage therapist, Caitlin treats a variety of clients – from acrobats to NFL coaches – to address a range of issues, including insomnia and neck and back pains that often come from working at a computer all day. Connect with Caitlin at in a new tab) and on Instagram @caitlinwalker_lmt_healthcoach(opens in a new tab)

Would you like to be spotlighted? Do you know another DCPP patient who would make for a great profile? Let us know, and you could be featured in a future newsletter.