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Lifestyle Medicine Doctor - Pittsburgh, PA 

Lifestyle Medicine Consultation 

What if your pre-diabetes could be reversed just by changing how you eat? What if your genes are not your destiny? We are not all doomed to follow in our family’s medical footsteps. We are also not destined to suffer from the most common illnesses our society faces. But to avoid these problems, we must change the way we live. 

That’s where Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh (DCPP) can help. For patients of our practice, we offer a free lifestyle medical consultation that allows you to explore your risks alongside an experienced, highly-trained medical physicians. Using the Direct Primary Care model, our physicians will take the time to sit with you one-on-one, review your medical history, examine your lifestyle, and advise you on the best ways to stay healthy in order to prevent illness.

To schedule a visit or sign up for our services, please contact us at (412) 685-3373 or submit an online appointment request for a free consultation. We allow a full hour for new patient appointments. 

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Medical Lifestyle Consultants Near you

Preventative Direct Primary Care

Our patients are invited to spend time with our experienced team, learning how to change their lives and prevent or reverse disease. This is done through Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based approach shown to prevent and treat disease. 

Lifestyle Medicine addresses the underlying cause of disease, rather than its symptoms alone. In doing so, we have several goals:

  • Help patients avoid unnecessary pills
  • Help patients avoid surgical procedures
  • Help patients feel their best while living their best

Note that you can also spend half an hour with one of our doctors during an initial consultation, where you can explore the DPC care model and ask us questions directly. You will have no obligation to register with us following a consultation. No medical advice or treatment will be offered at this consultation.

FAQs on Lifestyle Medicine:

What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches (such as a plant-predominant dietary lifestyle, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoiding the use of risky substances, and pursuing other non-drug modalities) to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic disease.

In this specialty, a treatment approach/method is focused on the whole person. So rather than addressing a symptom alone, it analyzes what we eat, what we do, and how we interact with other people. It also focuses on a whole-food, plant-based diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress-management as medical treatments.

How Is Lifestyle Medicine Beneficial?

A whole-person approach is a very valuable care tool, especially in a world where chronic health issues such as obesity and diabetes are occurring more and more frequently. These illnesses are influenced by multiple risk factors, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • Sleep
  • Social support
  • Environmental exposures

But utilizing a medical approach that addresses multiple risk factors increases the chances of a patient successfully avoiding a medical issue and living healthier, longer.

Which DCPP Doctors do Lifestyle Medicine?

Dr. Gentile digs deep into lifestyle medicine. With offices in Allison Park and Highland Park, she devotes much of her time to studying these principles, with goals to treat the underlying causes of disease in order to help people to get off of medications and live longer, healthier lives.  

If you have additional questions about specific care options for a particular health issue, please contact us! We would love the opportunity to review your needs and determine if we are a good fit for your healthy living efforts.