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Registration and Monthly Fees


Primary Care Services

  • Patients of all ages welcome. 
  • Pricing is per person.  For example, a family of 3 pays $204 (= $89 x 3) per month.
  • Includes ongoing primary care with access to members via office visits, emails, phone calls, and texting.  We do not charge copays.

$89.00 per person per month

Registration Fee

  • One-time only, at first appointment
  • Maximum enrollment fee of $200 per family if all family members register on the same day

$100.00 one-time fee

Re-Enrollment* Fee

  • For persons wishing to re-enroll after having canceled membership

Re-enrollment is permitted only at the discretion of Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh and is not guaranteed.

$200.00 one-time fee

Discounts available for families of 5+

  • Find out more at your initial consultation. 

Services With Additional Cost


Home Visits* within 5 miles of office

* Subject to member availability

$100.00 per hour

Home Visits* between 5-10 miles of office

* Subject to member availability

$200.00 per hour

Bloodwork and other lab testing

We work directly with a reputable national diagnostic testing center. This relationship allows our patients to pay directly for lab services at deeply discounted rates.

Click here for examples.

Prescription and OTC medications

We dispense generic medications from the office at wholesale rates, saving our patients money and extra trips to the pharmacy.

No controlled substances are kept or dispensed from the office.

Click here for examples.


Did you know that x-rays, ultrasounds, CT ("CAT") scans, and MRIs are often more affordable via direct pay than insurance pay? For patients who may need these services, our members offer guidance as to the most affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Prices Vary

Wellness Coaching

Spend time with Dr. Dougherty or Dr. Lin learning how to change your life and reverse disease. 

Free for established patients

Lifestyle Medicine Consultation Services

  • Comprehensive guidance about nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness via monthly subscription or a la carte visits.
  • For clients who are not patients of Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh but would like more in-depth and personalized lifestyle counseling than what is typically provided in the traditional health systems.
  • Does not include general primary care services.

Click here for rates