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Medication Reviews in Pittsburgh, PA 

Medication Services 

In a perfect world, preventative care via a primary care doctor would be enough for every patient. Unfortunately, often due to factors outside of our control (such as aging, illness, etc.), we can find ourselves in situations where various medications are needed to help us recover from ailments and live our healthiest lives.

Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh (or DCPP) can help patients in need of these additional services. Our practice can help coordinate your care with any other physicians who may be involved with your treatment outside our capabilities, and dispense medications at a discounted rate. Additionally, we can help you review the medications you are taking to ensure they are the right prescriptions for you -- and thanks to our partnership with Blueberry Pharmacy they won’t surprise you with unexpected side effects!

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One-On-One Medication Reviews

At Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh (DCPP), our patients all have access to a prescription drug review. During this medication review, we will take the time to discuss all of the medications you are taking, both in terms of your prescriptions and any over-the-counter medications you may be using in order to alleviate your symptoms.

Medication reviews are recommended annually for older patients but can be beneficial at any age. Some of the reasons why patients opt for medication reviews include:

  • They’ve begun taking more medications than they did in the past.
  • They’ve introduced new supplements into their regular routine.
  • They’ve developed new health issues that medications may negatively interact with.

If any of these situations apply to you, it’s time to consult one of the hands-on physicians at Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh for a medication review as soon as you can.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Does a DCPP membership come with any benefits to medication cost?

Yes! Many medications can be dispensed in-house, so DCPP offers medications to you at wholesale prices. For nearly all medications, the price offered wholesale is cheaper than your copay at a pharmacy. If you take medications for chronic conditions, the savings on medication might be greater than your entire membership fee.

I’m interested in medication services. How long will my initial consultation last?

Each prospective patient is welcome to spend half an hour with one of our doctors during an initial consultation, where you can explore the DPC care model and ask us questions directly. You will have no obligation to register with us following a consultation. No medical advice or treatment will be offered at this consultation.

How can I get started with the best direct care physicians near me? 

At Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh, we make it easy for patients to learn more about us and get started with their initial consultation. Just submit an online appointment request using our online tool.